Counseling, Education, Prevention, Care & Support

We Indian Community Welfare Organisation is a Non Governmental Organisation working in various development projects in special focus on prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS. We work with various target groups like the CORE GROUPS (Female Sex Workers, Men Who Having Sex with Men (MSM), Transgender, and Injecting Drug Users), TWIP (Tourist and Women in Prostitution) and Care & support for People Living With HIV/AIDS.


Link Workers Scheme Project in Thiruvallur District:

Indian Community Welfare Organization (ICWO) with the support of Tamilnadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS) Project to implement Link Workers Scheme in Thiruvallur district.

The objectives of the Link Workers Schemes are to:

Create an enabling environment for PLHAs and their families by reducing stigma and discrimination through work with existing community structures/groups, e.g. Village Health Committees, SHG, PRI, etc. Reach out to HRGs and vulnerable young people (men and women) in rural areas (as defined in Section 1.3 above) with information, knowledge and skills on STI/HIV prevention and risk reduction.

Establish inter linkages between gender, sexuality and HIV and bring into focus factors that enhance vulnerability of young people and women, both in HRGs and the general population


India had an estimated 1.8 to 2.9 million HIV infected persons in India a comparison of urban-rural data reveals that rural areas account for 60% of the total infection. So scheme will make an efforts to build a community centered model for the rural area. In Tamilnadu out of 31 district, 21 districts were covered by the Link Worker Scheme. In India totally in 121 districts, link worker scheme is implementing with National AIDS Control Organisation – NACO support.



  • Our main objectives reach out to HRGs and vulnerable men and women in rural areas with information, knowledge, skills on STI/HIV /AIDS prevention and risk reduction.
  • Increasing the availability and use of condoms among HRGs and VPs.
  • Establishing referral and follow-up for TB, ICTC/PPTCT/ART services, HIV care and support
  • Creating an enabling environment for PLHIV by reducing stigma and discrimination against them through interactions with SHG Self Help Group, Panchayat Raj Institutes (PRI). Youth committee groups



  • To increase the knowledge on STI, HIV/AIDS
  • To provide STI services for the Gay Men and Female Sex Workers Community
  • To promote safer sexual behaviors through condom promotion
  • To create an enabling environment


Counseling plays a vital role in prevention, treatment, care and support. Effective counseling can obtain desired change in the behavior among HRGs and built in confident among PLHIV. Counseling can lead to early diagnosis about their HIV status and change in their behavior for safer sexual practice. Testing can help the affected community to know their health status and to lead a healthy living. Testing service can link with care support and to enrollment in the district or state level positive networks. Testing can be partnership with public and private health care providers to strengthen the ongoing intervention.

ICWO will identify the HRGs through BCC activities and refer them to counseling services who in turn will be referred to ICTCs. Camps will be conducted in certain areas were HIV testing will be done by interlinking with ICTC mobile team.



ICWO is involved in implementing targeted intervention programs and also associated with the care and support programs including providing Nutrition & Educational Scholarship for the positive children and children affected by HIV in Chennai